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Lost Admiral Returns is a naval strategy game where players outmanuver each other for control of coastal cities with battleships, destroyers, and submarines.  Based on a classic game with QQP and Thurston Searfoss

Fogstone Games:

Pownal, Maine.


Launching the new Lost Admiral Returns in 2003, Fogstone Games brings quality strategy games to life for players through a mix of deep game play and Internet technologies that allow players to easily find other players and other activities found on the game's website.

Lost Admiral Returns lets players outmaneuver each other in battle for control of coastal cities using battleships, destroyers, submarines, and other ships.  A wide variety of challenges through randomized maps, campaigns, specialized flagships, and other fun options.  The game keeps a history of all games won or lost by players, and allows these accomplishments to be shared over the Internet.

The games featured by Fogstone Games are based on several classic computer games originally published with QQP in 1991 through 1995.  Summaries of these games can be found below.


This shot of the spiral galaxy M101 was taken at Blueberry Pond Observatory using the advanced digital astronomy equipment found there.  Visiting families and students do visual observing through a 12" telescope, and then take their own digital pictures showing tremendous deail in faint galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters.

Blueberry Pond Observatory:

Pownal, Maine.


Created in late 1999 to bring modern digital astronomy to life for families and students throughout Maine.  Visitors experience a mix of visual and digital observing that brings to life many deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulas, asteroids, and comets in ways normally only seen in books and magazines.

Visitors take home their own freshly captured images of these objects, and students come back to the observatory over the span of several visits to conduct advanced astronomy projects.


Small and large applications for:

Bottomline Technologies

Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Support project managers with custom programming for clients.   Construct pre and post processors as needed to interface raw data with Bottomline Technologies' software packages. Also create stand along GUIs for database maintenance and manipulation.  Act as troubleshooter for problems with application development and implementation as needed.  A wide mixture of computing environments are targeted (DOS, 16 bit windows, 32 bit windows, and OS400 systems).


Web sites for:

Blueberry Pond Campground website to display facilities, snapshots of sites, prices, grounds map, and take reservation requests.

Sound Advice Audiology website to display hearing aid information, certification, and take requests for consultations.

Casa Cabo website featuring a great bed and breakfast located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Located near the famous El Arco, famous fishing, sunny attractions of Mexico, and offering great views of whale migration routes offshore.

Loon Cabin website for a quiet, relaxing cabin located on Wyman Lake, Maine with great access to waterfalls, hikes, fishing, white water rafting, and many other Maine attractions.


Very large, top to bottom applications for:

Quantum Quality Productions

Flemington, New Jersey.

Four successful game titles sold for PC computers nationally at such stores as Electronic Boutique and Software, Etc.   Each of these year long projects has an extensive user interface, multimedia graphics, sound, multiplayer support, and detailed database manipulation.

Lost Admrial Two box art.  Now being incorporated into games released by Fogstone Games and Thurston Searfoss

Lost Admiral Two - Release pending.  Sequel to the original Lost Admiral.   This game adds many units that were left out of the original Lost Admiral such as armies, tanks, and bombers.  The game also features extensive special map features like water currents, icebergs, and even some whimsical things like floating islands.

Grandest Fleet Box Art showing this classic QQP game made with Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games.

Grandest Fleet - Released June 1994.   Reviewed as four stars by Computer Gaming World magazine.  A naval game with many units similar to those used in World War II.  Many combined arms tactics are possible using aircraft carriers, battleships, and smaller units like destroyers and submarines.

Conquered Kingdoms Box Art showing this classic QQP game made with Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games.

Conquered Kingdoms - Released November 1992.   Reached top of one hundred games chart in Computer Gaming World magazine.  This game is an open ended medieval combat game, with touches of magic and fantasy creatures such as dragons tossed in.  Armies fight for control of randomly generated kingdoms.

Lost Admiral One Box Art showing this classic QQP game made with Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games.

Lost Admiral - Released September 1991.   Awarded strategy game of the year in 1992 by Computer Gaming World magazine.  This naval game uses streamlined game play that is almost chess like.  Combat is reminiscent of rock/scissors/paper, with battleships beating destroyers, which beat submarines, which beat battleships.


Other Services:

Artificial Intelligence routines for complex game trees, database systems for complex modeling.

CAD rendering routines for on the fly hidden surface walkthroughs, shading, mesh modeling.