Blurb on Lost Admiral Two decribing some of the features of this naval strategy game that was never released with QQP.  This game is being incorporated into the new Lost Admiral Returns game by Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games

Lost Admiral Two

Never was released with QQP

A new version of the Lost Admiral games is being released by Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games at

Find more information on the original Lost Admiral 2 and other old QQP games created with Thurston Searfoss at


Dare to enter the waters once again...

A classic multi-award winning game is back and enhanced in it's second incarnation - The Lost Admiral II.  Strategy and stealth are required to successfully maneuver your submarines and surface ships through enemy lines in preparation for an all out attack on your adversary.

Your progress is tracked all along the way with full-player history tracking.  Run a tight ship, because conquering the world will not be easy to do.


Game Features: Sample Artwork:
  • Utilize land troops as well as your naval fleet to combat the improved Artificial Intelligence in an attempt to regain your name.
  • Combat a third computer controlled interloper (optional).
  • See the combat in SVGA graphics and play against a human adversary over MODEM.
  • Monumental pre-designed maps.
  • Tremendous randomly generated scenarios and campaigns round out a titanic gaming experience.
  • Many optional special map features such as whirlpools, currents, icebergs, and floating islands.
Build screen to select and build new ships as found in the unfinished Lost Admiral 2.  Try out Lost Admiral Returns for the latest improvements on the Lost Admiral Games found at Fogstone Games
Small Destroyer blows up after taking damage   Lost Admiral Returns is the latest version of this classic QQP game by Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games


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