Grandest Fleet Opening Screen from this classic QQP strategy turn based game created with Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games

Grandest Fleet

Released June 1994

Rated four stars out of five by Computer Gaming World

Awarded Premier Finalist for Best Strategy Game in 1995 by Computer Gaming World

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Note: Conquered Kingdoms is scheduled to be updated and released in a totally new format in 2004 (after Lost Admiral Returns is finished).


Only one fleet will be left afloat in this thrilling masterpiece from QQP.  Experience the grueling campaigns, the agony of defeat and the exhilaration of VICTORY!!!  Develop cultural resources and manage the growth of your population.   Allocate natural resources to build missile sites, radar stations, shipbuilding facilities, and SUPERSHIPS.  It is up to your to destroy your nemesis... or end up in Davy Jones' Locker.


Game Features: Sample Artwork:
  • Wide selection of normal ships
  • Class of Super Elite Ships
  • City Economics with Industry and Cultural aspects
  • Player History
  • Random Maps - unlimited variations
  • Historical "What if" Battles
  • Campaign Play
  • Truly challenging Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Modem Play against other humans over the phone lines.
Super Carrier for advanced fleet operations, found in the advanced city management part of the strategy turn based computer game.
Animation from Grandest Fleet during battles between battleships and destroyers.  Grandest Fleet is a classic QQP windows game made with Thurston Searfoss and Fogstone Games
More combat animation from Grandest Fleet, published by QQP and Thurston Searfoss, Fogstone Games


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