Finishing screen for Conquered Kingdom Battel, fantasy strategy game published by QQP

Conquered Kingdoms

Released November 1992

Reached NUMBER ONE on Computer Gaming World's Top 100 Chart in May, 1993

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Plunge into a medieval world to conquer Cascatia, an untamed land of conquest & glory.  invade castles, fly over mountains, and use the forest to your advantage as you battle across the Cascatian Realm, to become the reigning king.   Just about the best strategy and tactics game you will ever play.


Game Features: Sample Artwork:
  • Recruit Human units or Fantasy units
  • Cast spells with wizards, blaze away with dragons
  • Nine Scenarios
  • Random Map Generator
  • Several full campaign conquests
  • Complete Game Scoring History
  • Strong 21 level computer AI to play against
  • Modem Play against other humans over the phone lines.
Round Table to select battles to fight.  Strategy turned based windows game originally published by QQP.
Fireplace menu to select optional rules.  Another screen shot from Conqured Kingdoms, created by QQP and Thurston Searfoss with Fogstone Games


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